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Appreciation post for this movie, it is so underrated. I loved the hell out of this movie, because this movie dealt with idea of self love and fat acceptance. The movie was written and directed by a Black Woman Nnegest Likké who is a plus size woman herself. What I do love about this movie so much is that it shows different perspectives about self love. One of them being about loving all of you, because fat is beautiful. The other about being confident as a fat girl, because your fatness is nothing to be shamed of, and should be praised and glorified. So much could be said about why I love this movie so much, but I’m just gonna stop now before I get too deep in my feels.

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    Last year , when I was zapping through the channels, I stumbled across this movie. It was a pretty common beginning -...
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    I like the movie but the Yoruba in it, lol no no no lol
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    It’s a funny movie and has some very real points.
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    Also adding if you are central timezone it will be 7pm, so Pacific is 5:00pm, Eastern 8:00pm, and Central 7:00pm..come...
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    I love it.
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